Anemone began like this: Good old friends Gustav Axelsson, Karl Nilsson and Roger Andersson had been playing instrumental music in their hometown Tierp. After a while they started looking for a singer or two. Jussi haavisto and Gustav Berg joined in somewhere late 2005. We took the name anemone ands starded to form a sound. Winter 2006 the demo "in passanger seats im yours to keep" was recorded in Gustavs house, and released without a label.
After that Roger Andersson went far up north to do his military service, he came home some weekends but it defenetly made things go slower. Under this period some songs where recorded, and released only on myspace.
When Roger came back from the military Gustav Berg joined it. Somewhere late 2007 Blessed Hands records took contact and told us they where willing to release some of our tunes. Anemone starded wrighting a piece of screamo music devided into 7 tracks. When the recordings where finished Roger moved to Linköping in south sweden, and he got a job in the military and quit the band. He told us that felt like he was supposed to do something else, and did not feel like a part of the band. We got in touch with taciturn from France and desided to do something together. Jussi started playing bass instead of Roger, and we began wrighting material for a split with taciturn. Spring 2008 the demo/ep "sedens bördor" where released on blessed hands records.

Anemone s’est créé en 2005 dans la ville de Tierp en Suède. Composé de 5 amis, le groupe a enregistré sa première démo en 2006. Après le départ de l’un des membres pour son service militaire, le groupe n’a pu que répéter les week-end et le groupe a donc évolué lentement. Malgré cela quelques titres furent enregistrés et ils purent réaliser des concerts En 2007 lors du retour de Gustav de son service, Blessed Hand Rec. prirent contact avec Anemone afin de produire leur premier EP. Enfin en 2008, le groupe sort ses derniers enregistrements pour le split vinyle avec Taciturn et se sépare car Gustav choisit de partir dans le Sud de la Suède pour un job dans l’armée.

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