VERGOGNE est un trio Guitare - Guitare - Batterie formé fin 2005. Après une première Démo, un premier album vinyl sort en Mars 2009 en coprod avec MZ', Théâtre records et Désormais records.

Hey there!!
After a long time waiting, we're glad to tell you that this first effort, of this amazing band from Poitiers is OUT now.
For those who don't even know this band, just think in a mix between Don cab, By The End Of Tonight , Oxes, Amanda Woodward. Hope you'll enjoy it
To order it, just check our mail on or mail us via myspace.
A new song is on line on Vergogne's myspace page.
Thanks for your interest.
See ya .

listen on Myspace
un interview est dispo sur le webzine Excit

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