We are proud to tell you that Tonight we dance ( noise hxc from Italia) join Desormais rec' team.
We'll release their last effort in tape wich is a co production with lemming record!

Here is a little biography:
The Band rise up in the early november 2007 from the ashes of Tragedy of a better tomorrow and My Quiet Place, two Ferrara's base local bands. As soon as the band got togheter the meaning was to create something bizzare using different influences coming from each of the four bandmates background (indie, electronic stuff, hardcore music and movies first).The result is acid and noise sonorities mixed up with fast rithms, break-core break and electronic bases flowing into 90's house music.In January 2009 Tonight, We Dance! cast their first selfmade as well as selfproduced work titled “Everything happened in my life scared me”: 9 tracks recordedat "Animal Studio" in Ferrara.The Track “your grace, my love, a choice to understand (you)” is also available in the “Alka Compilation”, out on the 30th of may 2009, from Alkatraz Record, a local smallunderground label based in Ferrara.After innumerables line-up changes we are now 5 cool metal guys ready to metal up your ass.Be metal with us.

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